Using Power Coat Instead Of Paint To Protect Exposed Areas Of Your Vehicle

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Powder-coating metal surfaces can create a unique and durable bond on metal parts that outperforms paint and will stand up to the elements for many years. While powder coating is not the best solution for every surface, there are some excellent ways to use it on cars and trucks that need durable coatings.

Understanding Powder Coating

Powder coating materials can differ for specific uses, but most consist of a polymer-based, free-flowing powder applied to metal surfaces electrostatically. The powder is given a positive charge when applied, so the particles are attracted to the grounded metal part. 

Once the powder is on the metal, it is cured with heat or UV light and forms a smooth, durable surface that bonds to the metal and itself. The result is a coating much stronger than standard paint and can still be tinted to specific colors and used on many different surfaces. 

Powder coating is resistant to many chemicals, heat, and water after curing, making it a good fit under a car, in the engine compartment, or on exterior parts like bumpers, frames, and suspension pieces.  

Custom Uses

In the automotive industry, powder coating is often reserved for specific uses, though a car undergoing a restoration may have a frame that is stripped and powder coated. A truck or SUV modified for offroad travel could also use powder coating on the roll cage, bumpers, and rock sliders outside the vehicle. 

Because the powder coating is very durable, it is well suited to parts of the vehicle that spend a lot of time in the water or have dirt and debris hitting them. Applying the powder coating correctly is essential for maximum durability, and most shops that offer this service can prepare the parts for you. 

Sand or bead blasting will remove any paint from the metal surface then the powder can be applied directly. After the entire surface is coated in powder, the parts go into an oven where the powder is heated to allow it to flow and form the coating over the material. The part must be prepared correctly because once the powder coating cures, it is difficult to remove. 

If you want to use parts that have specific colors to match or accent the car or truck, the powder coating service can add tints to it. A well-matched powder will often appear to be painted to the untrained eye but has the strength and durability you need. If you have an item or parts you want powder coating applied to, check with the local shop to see if they are good candidates for the process and if they can coat them for you.

To learn more about powder coating, reach out to a service provider near you.