Painting Your Car After A Wreck? What To Consider

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You never want to get into a car wreck, but if you do, you can take your car to a collision repair specialist to get your automobile operating and looking better than ever. When you get your car repaired, you'll need fresh paint, which can cause you to think about a few things. Consider the following when painting your car after a wreck. This way, you're most prepared for the process.

What color do you want?

Were you thinking of painting your car a new color anyway? If so, then getting the color switch done as part of your auto repair is something worth considering, especially when color matching is going to be a concern or your vehicle needs an all-over paint job.

Keep in mind that if insurance is covering the paint for your car, they may not cover the cost of custom paint or anything above basic paint repairs. Talk to your auto collision repair specialist to see how much a paint job will cost if you want a custom metallic or non-standard color so you can make sure you will be able to afford the difference in price.

Do you need a rental?

It takes time to both repair and paint your car following a car accident, so you may need a rental to get you by for a while. If you do need a vehicle rental, your auto insurance specialist should be able to secure a car for you. Ask your collision repair specialist how long your car will be in their shop so you know if you need to get a rental car or not. The sooner you get your car in for repairs and paint, the sooner you'll get your vehicle back on the road.

Who to go to?

Have you not chosen a vehicle collision repair specialist yet? Or do you want to go to a body shop expert for the repair of the body of your vehicle while choosing a paint specialist for your paint job? You can get a referral from your auto insurance company if you don't know who to choose, or you can ask your friends and family for recommendations. A repair shop should be willing to show you examples of their completed work to give you confidence in what they can do for you.

When you get into a car accident, you don't want to be left high and dry with a vehicle that isn't up to par. Use this guide to help you prepare for the painting process related to car repair. For more information, contact a collision repair shop like Downtown Garage & Auto Body