Have Exterior And Interior Sun Damage To Your Vehicle? What To Do

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Do you park your car outside for most of the day, and because of that you have some fading on the outside and the inside? If so, go to an auto body repair shop and have the selected areas of the car repaired. You can also make other improvements to the exterior of the car at the same time. Here are a few of the things you want to look into if you want to fully restore the vehicles condition and value.

Paint Repair

If the fading or discoloration is only in one area, then the auto body repair professionals may be able to just repaint that door, hood, or panel of the vehicle. This can save you money if you don't want to pay to have the entire vehicle repainted. If you have scratches and blemishes all over the car, you may want to consider getting the entire vehicle painted.

If you are going to have the entire car repainted, you may want to take the opportunity to have it painted a different color than its original manufacturer color. Get more than one estimate to compare the costs.

Upholstery Replacement

The fabric that has been damaged can't be repaired, and the only way to repair any carpeting or seats that are damaged is to have the materials replaced. Replacing the materials doesn't just help with discoloration from the sun throughout the car, but it also helps to get rid of any other odors and staining problems that have occurred over time.

Window Tinting

Having tint applied to the windows is going to prevent further interior damage throughout the car, and it's going to help protect the new carpeting or upholstery that you have spent the money to put in. This is also going to help keep the car cooler during the hot summer months, and allow you to have some privacy while you're driving and when the vehicle is parked.

If you're looking to fix some sun spots on your car and inside your car, and you aren't sure how much it's going to cost or how long it's going to take, go around and get a couple of estimates from auto body repair shops, like Rocky Mountain Collision of Sandy, and from upholstery replacement professionals. The money that you invest has to be worth the expense and should improve the car's value, so you can get a return when you sell it.