Four Benefits Of Using Your Car Insurance Company's Recommended Repair Shop

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When you have been in a car accident and you file a claim, you basically have three options for receiving repairs on the damage you have endured. You can either make the repairs yourself, get the repairs done from an auto body shop you think is best, or you can use your car insurance company's preferred auto body repair shop. There are pros and cons to all three options. Knowing what these pros and cons are can help you determine which option is best for you in the end. Here are the four benefits to using your car insurance company's preferred shop:

  1. Free Car Space: When you take your vehicle into an auto body repair shop, they usually include storage fees for the space that your car takes up in their shop in the total cost that you will be paying in the end. However, with your insurance company's preferred shop, these fees are usually taken off and you are then receiving free car space. This can make the total cost of your repairs more affordable. 
  2. Free Towing: Another benefit of using your insurance company's preferred shop is that if you were in an accident and you weren't able to drive your vehicle anywhere, your insurance company will usually provide free towing so long as you take the vehicle to their preferred shop. Towing can be a big expense after an accident, so this is a great way to avoid that cost.
  3. Discounts on Labor and Auto Parts: Insurance companies often receive discounts on labor and auto parts, which helps them to pay out less on claims. This is helpful for you because it can mean that you avoid paying out of pocket for repairs or pay much less out of pocket than you otherwise expected. 
  4. Warranties: Most of the time, the insurance company's preferred auto body repair shop will offer lifetime warranties on craftsmanship. This means that if they covered up any dents or scratches with new paint and that paint chips, they will repair it again free of charge. They will also replace any parts on the exterior of the car that may have fallen off or become damaged after they originally installed it after your accident. 

Knowing some of these benefits can help you to better understand why it may be in your best interest to use the preferred auto body repair shop. Many people feel they would save more if they sought out their own repair shop, but this typically isn't the case. For more information about repairing your car after an accident, contact a company like Lacey Collision Center.